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Basement parking lot in Taipei, Taiwan LED 4-foot microwave radar sensor tube (120cm) 4

LEDT8 4-foot microwave radar sensor tube performance introduction


Community description:

1. The original lamp adopts T5 fortification lamp + mountain lamp, total 174pcs

2. The car compartment is usually not open, a total of 74pcs (B2~B3)

3. The lane is always on, a total of 100pcs (B2~B3)

4. "Driveway" annual electricity bill is about $65,3184. (T5 traditional lamp holder)

Assessment focus:

1. No additional induction device is installed to avoid modifying the circuit.
2. Replace the universal lamp holder to avoid the difficulty of buying a lamp in the future.
3. The latest sense and new technology has fewer induction blind spots, saving electricity and taking into account safety lighting.
4.Automatically provide lighting during vehicle driving and parking.
5. High lumen output effectively extends the life of the lamp.



Installation and construction:

Hengxin Digital Technology adopts engineering-specific lamp holder packaging, and the removed lamps and lanterns can be handled properly

Avoid excessive packaging materials and create more garbage.


Construction plan:

1. Construction Quantity Table
24 B2 compartments, 34 lanes, 58 single-layer
24 B3 compartments, 34 lanes, 58 single-layer
24 B4 compartments, 34 lanes, 58 single-layer
174 in total
2. The lamp holders of the replaced lamps are concentrated and crossed.
3. Function test description: The vehicle and walking function (same specification description) are tested and accepted.
Fourth, give management personnel to implement traffic management operations during the construction period to avoid danger.
Fifth, the vehicle scheduling is arranged by the community, and the implementer will arrange the installation to keep the installation progress on schedule and avoid affecting the access of community personnel.

LED 4 feet microwave radar sensor tube installation
1. Power off installation

2. Equipped with community construction identification vest
3. Place the removed lamp holders together
4. LED 4-foot microwave radar sensor tube illuminance measurementIMG_8805
5. Quantity calculation and acceptance
6. LED 4-foot microwave radar sensor tube acceptance test video
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