200W High Power Flood Light -3W PHILIPS LED 3

200W High Power Flood Light -3W PHILIPS LED

Used in buildings, monuments, roads and bridges, the natural landscape, creating artistic and ornamental, let light into the theme, showing the natural beauty.

Rapid drainage design, the glass is not the residual water droplets 
Mining automatic breathing mechanisms exclude light mist inside 
Skating style heatsink design, rapid thermal avoid heat accumulation 
200W high power design, weight half 
3W core light design, irradiation distance 100 meters long.

Type PD-FL 200W
Light source 3W LED x 60 PCS
Power (+/-10%) 200W
Beam angle 12 ,50, 12x50º
Luminous flux 12,000 lm
LED Life time 50,000  hours at Tj ≤85ºC
Operating temperature range -40 to +50 ºC
Power Data supplyDedicated LED drive power (External power supply)
Mains voltage110-240 V / 50-60 Hz
OpticNarrow, medium or wide beam
Optical coverGlass, flat
MaterialHousing: Aluminum extrusion
Lens: Polycarbonate
InstallationSurface mounted
Working life span35,000 hours
Dimensions with base415x157x268(H)mm
LED Architectural lighting / Outdoor Lamp / Waterproof lamps 792809